If you are not worn out by the heat and you are still doing your own lawn work this summer, PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION.  If you are around someone else doing yard work you should still wear eye protection.  If you have a lawn service company and they do not insist that their employees wear eye protection, please insist that they do.  One of the most common injuries in lawn care is eye injuries from flying debris doing trimming and mowing.  I would not consider allowing anyone on my team to use a line trimmer without safety glasses on.  You cannot imagine the power of a small rock or even sand spit out by the string on a line trimmer.  You would be shocked at the power of a rock thrown out by these big mowers.  Anyway, if you are still doing your own yard, please be careful.  OF COURSE, THE SAFEST AND EASIEST WAY TO GET YOU LAWN LOOKING BEAUTIFUL IS TO HIRE A QUALITY LAWN SERVICE.  Most new customers are still amazed at how affordable quality lawn care is.  Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids also!

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Thank God for the recent rain!

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What gives with some lawn service companies throwing litter in every driveway in some neighborhoods?  Is this the best marketing idea some people have?  Is it a good idea for a company that is trying to get the job of  keeping your yard looking good to throw trash in your driveway? Wouldn’t it be a least a little more professional to put out fliers door to door; even though I am not a fan of fliers on the front door that lets someone know you have not been through that door in a while?  This is just a pet peeve I have.  I have picked up more little plastic bags with business cards and rocks out of drains and ditchs than I would try to count.  Not to mention the rocks that get left in the lawns for mowers to fling.  Anyway, is the first impression you get from a new lawn service someone throwing trash in your yard.


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Springtime in February!

Well the grass is coming up green and the weeds are out of control.  This looks like an early spring that will require od good weed and feed as soon as possible.  The winter weeds are really embedded and we have not had a hard freeze to knock them out.  The sooner a good weed and feed is spread the better chance we have to control these pesks.  Personally I still am convinced Scotts’ Bonus S is the best product.  It really helps make the desired lawn healthier and it is hard to burn your lawn.  Do a little research but the sooner the better. 

It’s time to make arrangments with a great lawn service company!!

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Surely we cannot be starting spring in the middle of January, can we?  Yesterday I was cleaning a yard and it was covered in those pine tree pollen sacs.  What is this?  This morning I saw a yellow build up of pollen in a water puddle in the parking lot.  Just wondering.

It is not too early to line up your lawn and garden care for the coming growing season!!

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Well I bet those people in Texas wish they had gotten some of our tropical weather.  This has been the perfect type of rain for our parched lawns.  All day slow rain just keeps on soaking in. Even though we have had so much rain, in a week or two we still might need to water if the dry conditions come right back.  Keep an eye out for dry spots next week.  The lawns should be looking beautiful.  It is time to think about fertilizing again.  A good feeding along with all of this water will make the grasses look so green.

It is also time to think about fall projects in the gardens-weeding, pruning, mulching, ect.  Please let us know if you need any help in any areas.

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HOT & DRY!!!

Whew! Can you believe this heat and drought?  Back in February that old groundhog said we would have an early spring.  Who would have guessed that meant spring would be in March and full fledge summer in April and May.  Right now the most important thing you can do for your lawn is to water, water, water.  And fertilize.  Of course having a great lawn service company is at the top of the list also. 

Have you been spending your weekends taking care of your yard when you have better things to do?  Or even wasting your time trying to get your lawn equipment running.?  Are you at all frustrated and fed up?  Or, do you have a lawn service who will not show up on time or at all?  And when they do, do they really treat your yard the way they should treat their own yard? Well why don’t you give me a call to discuss service and price.  No obligation but you might be pleasantly surprised.


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Time to get ready!

Well, what did the groundhog say?! He said it is time to think about the outdoors.  It is time to decide how you want the landscape and lawn of your home to look.  And it is time to decide how you want to spend your spring and summer. 

Do you want to be a slave to your yard every weekend or do you want to live life the way we value on the Northshore.  You should be looking forward to getting back to the sports fields with your children, back on the golf course, back on the water chasing trout and reds-LIVING LIFE.

Now is the time to fertilize your lawn. Soon will be the time to start mowing.  After the spring bloom will be the time to prune and shape gardens.  Now is the time to decide on your lawn maintenance company. Be sure to contract with a company that is knowledgeable, dependable and honest.

Check back soon on tips to make your yard beautiful.

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