If you are not worn out by the heat and you are still doing your own lawn work this summer, PLEASE WEAR EYE PROTECTION.  If you are around someone else doing yard work you should still wear eye protection.  If you have a lawn service company and they do not insist that their employees wear eye protection, please insist that they do.  One of the most common injuries in lawn care is eye injuries from flying debris doing trimming and mowing.  I would not consider allowing anyone on my team to use a line trimmer without safety glasses on.  You cannot imagine the power of a small rock or even sand spit out by the string on a line trimmer.  You would be shocked at the power of a rock thrown out by these big mowers.  Anyway, if you are still doing your own yard, please be careful.  OF COURSE, THE SAFEST AND EASIEST WAY TO GET YOU LAWN LOOKING BEAUTIFUL IS TO HIRE A QUALITY LAWN SERVICE.  Most new customers are still amazed at how affordable quality lawn care is.  Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids also!

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