Time to get ready!

Well, what did the groundhog say?! He said it is time to think about the outdoors.  It is time to decide how you want the landscape and lawn of your home to look.  And it is time to decide how you want to spend your spring and summer. 

Do you want to be a slave to your yard every weekend or do you want to live life the way we value on the Northshore.  You should be looking forward to getting back to the sports fields with your children, back on the golf course, back on the water chasing trout and reds-LIVING LIFE.

Now is the time to fertilize your lawn. Soon will be the time to start mowing.  After the spring bloom will be the time to prune and shape gardens.  Now is the time to decide on your lawn maintenance company. Be sure to contract with a company that is knowledgeable, dependable and honest.

Check back soon on tips to make your yard beautiful.

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